The 7 Gram Quarterly publishes quarterly, but reads year round. Response times will vary depending on the strain we’re smoking.

Poetry - Send 1-3* poems pasted in the body of an email to There is no length limit. Please don’t make us regret that. Kooky formatting annoys the editors, please leave the tab key alone.

Fiction - Send about 3,000* or fewer words in one stellar story or several brilliant works of flash. Please paste stories in the body of an email and send to

Creative Nonfiction - 3,000* words or less. Make it true, or blur the lines too far to tell the difference. Please paste your tall tales and confessions in the body of your email and send to

Art - Give it a shot. We’ll see what we can do.

Performance Art Installations - No.

*Exceptions! If you think that we’ll just die if we don’t have the chance to publish your 8 poem series about all the places you smoked in Amsterdam or your 9,000 word story about whatever, send us a query! Maybe we’ll be stoned.

Anonymity is guaranteed when elected. That means, it’s up to you. Legal name, pseudonym, collection of personally meaningful numbers and symbols… We will publish your work, if accepted, under whatever moniker you prefer. If you’re super paranoid you don’t even have to tell US your real name. (Please don’t forget to copyright your work when you use a pseudonym! No one should be able to steal from “Anonymous” the intellectual property that belongs to YOU.)

Biographical information and authors’ notes will be published upon request.
We will consider reprints.
Simultaneous submissions are accepted, but not preferred.
Selections from the print magazine will be available online.