America loves marijuana. We love to smoke it, eat it, vape it. We use it for fun and medicine. We spend countless hours defending, demonizing, and debating dope. It’s in our music and our movies. We pack it, roll it, it?

Why the fuck not?

The 7 Gram Quarterly is a handmade chapbook style literary magazine about weed, herb, ganja, pot, grass... We publish Poetry, Fiction, and CNF. Each piece accepted for publication will feature marijuana as a large thematic element.

Every author accepted for publication will receive one copy of the magazine, free of charge. Our mailing list will be kept safer than our stash.

Maybe your protagonist is a stoner superhero. Perhaps your poem is about your favorite sativa strain. It could be time to tell the true tale of the best blunt you ever rolled, or the day you got your medical card. First time? Best 420 ever? Stoned sex? Brush with the law? Legalization day? Let us put it on paper.

Your editors, Seamus Watson and Adele Kohn, anonymous as they may be, are very well versed in verse, prose, indicas, sativas and even the occasional ruderalis. We are not an upstart, we are a quiet offshoot, so come proper.

Our first issue drops April/May 2014, so send us those submissions!